They Look at Your Past.

We Bet on Your Future.

The Achieve MasterCard for College Students

All Students Deserve Access to Fair Credit

The Achieve MasterCard for College Students

No prior credit history needed

$0 Annual fee

1% Cashback on all purchases

No fees on foreign transactions

Intro 0% APR on purchases for first 6 months

(19.74% variable APR thereafter)

Subject to approval. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply.
Please see terms and conditions for details.

In the News

Don’t just take our words for it. Read what Nerd Wallet, Forbes, and Recode say about SelfScore.

The company's mission has expanded over the past year. It wants to help "deserving but underserved populations gain financial independence through access to credit"

SelfScore looks at students as opportunities rather than risks, a contrast with banks.

The days of traditional banking are coming to a close as consumers demand more transparent, responsive and honest treatment.

Credit Education

We’re invested in your financial success.

We offer resources to help you build a good credit score and gain financial independence.

Our Customer Base is Growing Quickly

College Students who are already using SelfScore come from:

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